103 D1 Filling And Recovery Pump With Three Pistons


103/D1 filling and recovery pump three pistons transfer pump


The 103/D1 model is a highly efficient three pistons transfer pump, designed to fill or recover CO2 from cylinders or fire extinguishers. Coud use with gascylinder or bundle


103/D1 model is to fill or  recover CO2  from cylinders or fire extinguishers. Source could be bundles or gascylinders. Three piston pump. The 103/D1 pump is installed on a stainless steel frame. It is complete of the service accessories including a panel box and flexible hoses. On request, the 103/D1 model can include an electronic control scale to check the operations and a pneumatic vice able to safely clamp the fire extinguisher during the filling/recovery operations.


The 103/D1 pump is particularly suitable to be used in the fire-fighting, industrial gas fields and for all those applications that require to transfer liquid CO2 from cylinders or bundles. The 103/D1 is suitable for recovering the liquid CO2 at ambient temperature from fire extinguishers or cylinders, when it is required to perform the hydraulic test of those containers. The recovered CO2 can be stored in a large cylinder/bundle or filled directly into a fire extinguisher. By investing a small amount, this pump can be connected to a CO2 tank.


Weight100 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 50 cm