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Gas Cylinders Set-different sizes, different form

Gas cylinder sizes

Reading Time: 4 minutes I am asked many times about the general/most common gas cylinder sizes. What is the generally accepted gas cylinder sizes on the market? We would like to help you in this short article. We collect separately the low pressure gas […]
Metal pallet - steel zinc plated gas cylinder transportation metal pallet for transportation of 12 pc 50 liter gas cylinder

Metal pallet

Reading Time: 2 minutes Metal pallet for safe gas cylinder transport and storage Our main area is the gas industry. That is why our partners has a regular contact with gas cylinders. They/you have to store and transport the gas cylinders in safe mode. […]
High pressure Gas Pack Hydrogen 12x gascylinder New.

High pressure gas pack catalogue 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gas Pack for high pressure gases We manufacture different gas packs for high pressure gas storage. Please find our new catalogue from 2022 here for Download Bundle catalogue v003s Number of the gas cylinders in the gas pack Gas cylinder […]

Interschutz – Fire protection and security exhibition in Hannover 2022 (20-25th of June)

Reading Time: < 1 minute   After the COVID period, we are delighted to exhibiting at the Interschutz in Hannover. The exhibition has been the largest fire protection trade fair in Europe for 75 years. Damotek srl. exhibits at HALL 13. stand F71. As the […]

Gas cylinder processing conveyor line

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Clean Agent machinery – what you need to service FM200 and NOVEC cylinders?

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Vanzetti Equipment - Damotek change name

Vanzetti Equipment name changed to Damotek Equipment for Extinguishers and Cylinders

Reading Time: < 1 minute The well known Vanzetti Equipment changed its name to Damotek in 2019. We keep the same high standard, company structures, products. This was the final step of the Vanzetti Engineering and the Vanzetti Equipment separation what was started several years […]

GASy – Gas cylinder bundels from Pwent-Ricos-Zancanella cooperation

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What make a first class partner? (pics of a new plant installation)

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Registration and subscription

Reading Time: 2 minutes You could register for two service Newsletter subscription (2 weekly news through email) Registration on the webpage – to see the prices  Newsletter subscription At the bottom of the page (not visible you have to scroll down) on the right […]
Gas cylinder inner shoot blasting

Gas cylinder inner cleaning

Reading Time: 5 minutes Why it is important to keep the gas cylinder clean inside? How they become dirty? What kind of danger it means? How could we remove the contamination properly?  

Pressure testing machine, performance guide

Reading Time: 6 minutes In our product range you could find many type of pressure testing machine. That is why it is rather easy to be confused. To avoid your confusion and save your money we help you to choose the best pressure testing […]