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Lean Management System

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How we can help?

We like to sell machines but we like more if our partners are satisfied. We supply our partners not just choosing the perfect machine. In fact the machine type choosing could be one of the final step in a purchasing process. The common thinking is more important. We have to figure out

  1. what is the purpose of the purchase? what is the problem what we have to solve?
  2. who is the target group?
  3. what is the demand what we would like to fulfill?
  4. what is the expectation of the target group?
  5. in what enviroment will the machine work in the future?
  6. who, how, with what kind of consumables, with what kind of methods will use the machine?

The capacity is very important but the installation and usage method also important to reach the necessary output. According to our experience we could use a machine higher than 90% of its capacity but it could happened that the user could just reach a very low efficiency and really cannot find the reason why…

Because not all the same

if you could deliver back the refurbished fire extinguisher or gascylinder to your customer in 14 days or in 5 days. The downtime is money for your customer. It is not the same if you spend 12 employee minutes/gascylinder or 8 employee minutes/gascylinder. They are all matter in cost and in customer satisfaction…

LEAN SUPPORT- What is lean?

The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.

What kind of value could we give you?

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Our managing director Mr. Lajos Szabó  as a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary (LEI) is doing the development work together with the association’s experts.  With the LEI together we are ready to provide a supportive cooperation with your company on gas industrial field as well. The Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary is the member of the Lean Global Network. This means your guarantee is coming not just from the Hungarian experts’ work and experience but it is provided by the international organization as well.  In line with the LEI’s principles we could describe the lean transformation framework with 5 question:


  1. What problem are we trying to solve?(Depending on situation approach, problem and difference analysis)
  2. What is the work to be done? (What is the job has to be done and how we could develop that?)
  3. What capabilities are required? (What kind of capability we should develop at the workers?)
  4. What management system can I define? What behaviors are required? (Leaders’ behavior pattern and routines)
  5. What is our basic thinking? (Attitude, paradigms, values)

You could learn more about the Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary here…

Among the members of Lean Enterprise Institute Hungary

we could find many multinational and local company as well. We hope we could welcome you among the LEI members. We hope you could personally experienvce the benefit of the cooperation. Above the under listed  references you could find more reference on the the LEI’s webpage here…