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About PWENT – Gas Equipment Accessories


We provide IMMEDIATE SUPPORT and TECHNOLOGIES, for every producing and servicing company, who is working for safe and astatic gas cylinders, gas systems and fire protection system.

We reach together the waste free operation!


The founder of the Pwent Ltd., Mr. Lajos Szabó is active on the gas industrial field from 2001. At that time he lead a company who represent the biggest aluminium cylinder producer Luxfer Gas Cylinders in more than 28 counrties. Received a very well established knowledge on gas business in the CEE (Central East Europen) region. Than lead and participate in establishing a greenfield investment for gas cylinder refurbishment. The plant capacity for gas cylinder refurbishment is at the moment 250K cylinder yearly. Receive high knoledge in production and servicing based on LEAN theories.

PWENT Ltd. started its way on different roots from 2012. More project more activity. One main guiding principle bind together these areas: we would like to create something good, and better and something which pointing to the future. Everywhere we are looking for the systems and solutions what is independent from the man. We try to reach the FLOW in this area. We trust in that we could create a value what is confirmed by your feedback as well.

Gas industry

Pwent Ltd. represent well known European gas industrial equipment producers in Central- and East European region. We offer products to companies who work with high or low pressure cylinders, industrial gases, FM200 or Novac clean agents. We recommend horizontal or vertical big capacity gas bundles or gas trailers from PWENT-RICOS-ZANCANELLA cooperation to your gas storage or gas transportation needs.

We deliver machines from Vanzetti Equipment for the works connected to gas cylinders retesting production or refurbishment. The professional dot marking cylinder stamping is done by Sitel MK3’s dot marking machines. Our colleagues has more than 18 years work experience in gas cylinder trading and gas cylinder refurbishment. The offered machines contain many year developer and end user experience as well. From the wide product range with the partner together we choose the best fit what is most suitable for the customer needs and the target. If in a special case we cannot fulfill some need from our product range then our partners are ready to develop customized solutions. We act as the sole agents of the following companies:

Damotek logó

More than 30 years experience on the gas industrial field. Damotek (previously Vanzetti Equipment) and Vanzetti Engineering start from the same route. If you check any of the first line gas producers’ sites in all over Europe we are sure you will find minimum 1 Vanzetti machine on site.

  • Equipment for gas cylinder retesting refurbishment – vice, valving, devalving, test-pump, test-ramp, cylinder drying and cylinder cleaning equipment. Inner and outer cleaning, painting chambers, gas mixture units…
  • Post filling treatment units for gas cylinders and gas bundles. For example mixers.
  • CLEAN Agent (FM200, Novac), refrigerants, halon equipment – filling, emptying, filtering, separation, cleaning…
  • Fire Extinguishers (powder, CO2) retesting, refurbishment equipment – filling, emptying, collecting, cleaning machines…
  • CO2 transfer and filling units.
  • Inert gas filling and connected machines.
  • Countries: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.
Pwent-Ricos-Zancanella együttműködés

The cooperation of  RICOS-Zancanella means more than 30 years in experience on the field of tube and pipe processing and pressure equipment systme design and production.  RICOS give a very professional tube  working (automatic cutting, bending), all the mechanical working made with tools (shearing, drilling, deep-drawing, shaping, etc…). Zancanella brings the knowledge on the gas cylinder bundel design, metal works…Flexible production, customer orineted production is the common way of working.

  • Gas cylinder bundles – horizontal, vertical, TPED, PED, 4,6,8,12,16,20,24,30 cylinder, cylinder systems. Many design even in customer specific design as well.
  • Gas trailers
  • Gas trailers refurbishment, retest
Automator logó fehér háttérrel

Since its founding in 1940, AUTOMATOR has been focused exclusively on Industrial Marking Products and Solutions making us the largest manufacturer of marking equipment in the world. No matter how you want to permanently Identify your product, AUTOMATOR has a solution that will exceed your expectation making a mark that will enhance your part and limit your liabilities. Our GLOBAL network of partners (not just distributors!) are available in 102 countries serving 100+ business sectors. No matter where you are in this world, we are there to support you and our marking products, birth to death.

Permanent marking solutions with technology of

  • Laser marking
  • Dot marking
  • Scribe marking
  • Roll stamping
  • Impact marking
  • Presses
  • and more…

Countries of representation: Hungary