SKID AC FG8 Mobile Equipment-Powder And CO2 Extinguisher


SKID AC/FG8 Mobile equipment for powder and CO2 extinguisher

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SKID AC/FG8 is a transportable unit including all the key instruments and accessories for powder and CO2 fire extinguisher maintenance and refilling operations on a single platform.


Capacity: 120 fire extinguisher/hour.  Powder delivery: 8-10 kg/ min. CO2 delivery: 420 kg/ óra. Compressed air: 8 bar. Electrical power: 2,5 KW. SKIDAC/FG8 is a transportable unit including all the key instruments and accessories for powder , CO2 fire extinguisher  maintenance and refilling operations on a single platform.



Weight350 kg
Dimensions125 × 120 × 120 cm