Get 99 D3 SODA Series CO2 Filling Recovery Transfer Unit


99/D3 SODA series CO2 filling and transfer unit equipment

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A töltőgép alkalmas cseppfolyós széndioxid gázpalackból történő átfejtéshez töltéshez.


Complete unit equipped with scale to fill CO2 internal/external cartridges, gascylinders, fire extinguishers (150-360 kg/h). The 99/D3 SODA units allow to transfer CO2 from standard cylinders to small cylinders used for home-made gasification, or to cartridges and cylinders up to 4 kg. With 99/D3 SODA-ETH model equipped with dual-speed motor, it is possible to fill cylinders with a capacity exceeding 4 kg. This specific model owns an additional scale not included in the standard supply. Other models are suitable to be connected to a CO2 cryogenic storage tank. 

99 D3 SODA (MCBE035/011-1PH): 1 phase, 180 kg/h CO2 flow rate.

99 D3 SODA (MCBE035-011-3PH): 1 phase, 180 kg/h CO2  flow rate.

99 D3 SODA (MCBE035-022): 3 phase. 180 /360 kg/h CO2 flow rate.


Weight130 kg
Dimensions95 × 55 × 115 cm