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Inert gas filling machines

Machines for inert gas filling. Oxygen, argon, nitrogen

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  • IG-FILL Series

    IG-FILL serie-Filling unit for cylinders used with inert gas

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    This series allows to refill the cylinders used in the extinction systems working with inert gases such

  • GBMIX inert gas, extinguishing gas, FM200, NOVEC nitrogen, special gas mixing unit

    GBMIX1/H mixing inverters for cylinder

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    Gascylinder inverter for nitrogen and fire protection gases and special gases. The unit is made of a painted steel base with two lateral bearing supports where the rolling frame is fixed.

  • 151mix-MMBE009 Nitrogen and CO2 filling in a mixed mode.

    151MIX model CO2+Nitrogen filling unit

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    This unit allows to fill the cylinders used to inflate the Life-rafts with a mixture of Nitrogen + CO2. Nitrogen is filled directly by pressure difference from the standard cylinders available on the market.