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Gas transportation trailer, ISO trailer, Gas modular system

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  • Type A gas cylinder trailer 1 pc from behind.

    Type “A” lightest steel gas cylinder trailer


    Solution “A” is the “lightest” one because we reduce the steel structures. it permits to have the semi-trailer to full availability for the customer (partially in contrast with the solution C). Generally the ratio of transported gas/weight is higher. The offered price meant without gas cylinder. This version reachs the 7000 m3 transport capacity

  • Type "B" most protected gas cylinder trailer

    “B” type – Protected steel gas cylinder trailer


    Solution “B” is the most protected gas cylinder trailer. We lock down not just the main shut off valves but the piping and the connections as well. With higher weight you could use this trailer  with higher safety reulations or in more risky countires. The offered price meant without gas cylinder.

  • Type “C” - ISO container for gas transport with drawing trailer

    “C” type – gas transportation ISO Container

    Type “C” – gas transportation ISO Container . Mainly it permits to leave the ISO container at the customer’s site without the semi-trailer. It is suggested when the period for use is quite long …The offered price meant without gas cylinder and trailer.

  • Non EU Producer Steel 2455 JUMBO Cylinder

    Steel 2455 liter JUMBO gas cylinder non-EU producer

    7725,00 11945,00 

    Steel 2455 liter JUMBO gas cylinder non-EU producer –  could be used for trailer and ISO container building with working presure 200 bar or 300 bar

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The gas transportation trailer, ISO trailer, and gas modular system are essential tools in the transportation and handling of gases in various industries. Gas transportation trailers provide secure and efficient means for moving high-pressure gases. ISO trailers, standardized for interoperability in different transportation modes, enhance logistical efficiency. The gas modular system offers customizable solutions for gas storage and distribution, adapting to diverse operational needs. Together, these components are integral in ensuring the safe, efficient, and compliant transport of gases in the global supply chain.

Gas Transportation Trailers

Gas transportation trailers are specifically designed to handle the challenges associated with the transit of gases. These trailers are outfitted with high-pressure 4-12 pc jumbo cylinders (1000-3000 liter) or bigger industrial cylinders (150-320 liter) that safely store gases under significant pressure. The design and construction of these trailers adhere to stringent safety standards, ensuring that gases are transported securely and efficiently. Gas transportation trailers are crucial not only for the energy sector, but also for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. They ensure the reliable movement of gases from production sites to diverse areas of need, supporting activities in healthcare, manufacturing, and environmental services, in addition to their critical role in the energy supply chain.

ISO Trailers

A key variant within the gas transportation trailer category is the ISO trailer. These are standardized freight containers, distinguished by their conformity to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines. ISO trailers are designed for intermodal transportation, allowing them to be used across various transportation modes — such as ships, trains, and trucks — without the need to unload and reload the cargo. This standardization facilitates international trade by improving efficiency, reducing handling costs, and streamlining the transfer process between different transport modes.

Gas Modular System

The gas modular system introduces a significant innovation in the field of gas transportation, offering a flexible and scalable approach to gas storage and distribution. This system consists of various interchangeable modules designed to cater to specific storage requirements for different types of gases, pressures, and volumes. Its modular nature allows for easy customization and rapid adaptation to changing operational demands, making it ideal for both permanent and temporary setups, such as in remote locations or short-term projects. The design prioritizes safety, incorporating advanced features to ensure secure handling and minimize risks. Additionally, the system’s efficient use of space and resources makes it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for businesses seeking to optimize their gas logistics while reducing their carbon footprint. 

The Pwent gas transportation trailers, ISO trailers, and gas modular systems offer unparalleled efficiency and safety in transporting and storing gases, catering to the diverse needs of various industries with their innovative and robust design. Investing in a gas transportation trailer ensures reliable and safe delivery of essential gases to meet diverse industry demands.