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What make a first class partner? (pics of a new plant installation)

What make a first class partner? (pics of a new plant installation)

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  1. Know where want to go
  2. Knows where he/she is and what are his/her possibilities are
  3. Able to decide
  4. Keep his/her word

Mr. Marius Retegan, Managing Director of Helinick, contacted our company at the beginning of July. He planned to set up a new plant capable of filling, recover clean agents for chemical fire extinguishing systems. He also wanted to refurbish the cylinders connected to this area. Of course, he also tried to reach other competitors of ours.

First Week – Within 1 week, after a few phone conversations and sending several quotes to him we get to the point to see the production and discuss detailed technical issues at the plant.

Second week: the visit was organized within another week – luckily it wasn’t August when “Italy could be closed”.

Third week: after a pleasant and meaningful day in Italy, the final concept was formed, the order was born, we got into each other’s hands, we concluded the contract.

Fourth week – our competitors came up with what they can help to Helinick :)

Our principle is that the direct contact person has to answer 90% of customer’s questions. Our engineers will answer the remaining 10%. Speed is all about gathering and organizing information and well-organized processes. We are moving in this direction, I know that we sometimes fail, but we reorganize ourself and learn from our mistakes.

Start: We had time when we had to change the direction of the investment. We had to transport another machine what we originally planned. And here I thank Marius, Alexandru, Marian for the flexibility. Helinick is a true first-class partner. The plant is working. I heartily recommend them to all of our partners who do not (yet) have the ability to charge chemical extinguishers  like FM200 or NOVEC or maintain gas cylinders. You could find more info at www.Helinick.ro

Best regards,

Pwent Ltd.