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Type “A” lightest steel gas cylinder trailer


Solution “A” is the “lightest” one because we reduce the steel structures. it permits to have the semi-trailer to full availability for the customer (partially in contrast with the solution C). Generally the ratio of transported gas/weight is higher. The offered price meant without gas cylinder. This version reachs the 7000 m3 transport capacity


Type “A” – lightest steel gas cylinder trailer. You could separate the tractor from the trailer thereforeyou could use the tractor to different purposes. In that type “C” solution semi-trailer has to remain with the cylinders. You cannot separate that.

The price include:

  • the trailer
  • the structure
  • the mounting
  • the approval process

It doesn’t include the gas cylinders


Lightest steel gas cylinder trailer

Solution A is the “lightest” version. You can detach the semi-trailer from the tractor that is why you can optimize the usage of your vehicles. Because of the light weight the ratio of transported gas / weight is higher. This is a light protected trailer. This mean:

  • The main shut off valves are protected in a closed cabinet
  • To reach a lighter weight the piping and the other connection and accessories are not in a protected box.

We customize the final solution according to the

  • local regulation
  • the type of the gas
  • the customer need

We decide together the cylinder size and number what we will mount on the semi-trailer. Because of this we can reach together the optimal price-capacity ratio for you.

High gas transportation and storage capacity with different approvals (TPED, DOT…) With steel jumbo cylinder we could reach the 7000 m3 capacity. We receive the type approvals from well named outer notified bodies what increase the reliabiliy and give an additional warranty to the customer.

This gas cylinder trailer is usefull, when the gas requrement exceeds the single solutions. You need more gas what a gas cylinder or gas cylinder bundel can provide. In addition you need less gas then a cryogenic tank could deliver.

The weight of the semi trailer with accessories and piping but without gascylinders and gas is approximately 6500 kg.

In every case we give a uniq quotation according to your needs. Please contact us