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  • Type A gas cylinder trailer 1 pc from behind.

    Type “A” lightest steel gas cylinder trailer


    Solution “A” is the “lightest” one because we reduce the steel structures. it permits to have the semi-trailer to full availability for the customer (partially in contrast with the solution C). Generally the ratio of transported gas/weight is higher. The offered price meant without gas cylinder. This version reachs the 7000 m3 transport capacity

  • Type "B" most protected gas cylinder trailer

    “B” type – Protected steel gas cylinder trailer


    Solution “B” is the most protected gas cylinder trailer. We lock down not just the main shut off valves but the piping and the connections as well. With higher weight you could use this trailer  with higher safety reulations or in more risky countires. The offered price meant without gas cylinder.

  • Type “C” - ISO container for gas transport with drawing trailer

    “C” type – gas transportation ISO Container

    Type “C” – gas transportation ISO Container . Mainly it permits to leave the ISO container at the customer’s site without the semi-trailer. It is suggested when the period for use is quite long …The offered price meant without gas cylinder and trailer.