EL60-ATEX - Electric valving/ devalving unit - PWENT


EL60-ATEX – Electric valving/ devalving unit


EL60  ATEX- Electric valving  can be used in environments where explosive gases are found .


ATEX valve mounting machine for gascylinder dia 80-300 mm, length: 400-1650 (1800) mm Torque: 100-400 Nm. EL60 ATEX-on and off valve with unit. The Valving/devalving machine, EL60-ATEX, is included in the equipment classified as “group II” (as defined by Directive 94/9/EC): apparatus designed to work in sites that could be threatened by the presence of explosive atmospheres, not intended for use in underground mines and plants in their area, wherever a possible release of firedamp gas and / or combustible powders may happen.The Valving machine EL60-ATEX is classified in “Category 2″, making it suitable for operation in environments where an explosive atmosphere is expected to be formed caused by gas, vapors and mist. For this reasons, the machine is suitable to work in Zone classified as “1”. The equipment is also suitable to operate with gases belonging to “group IIC”, namely the group of Acetylene. The string marking the Valving machine EL60-ATEX shows the following:CE EX II 2G c IIC T4 -5°C Ta +40°C.



Weight600 kg
Dimensions300,8 × 416,5 cm