HFM 5 Model- Filtering Recovered Unit Halon|Clean Agent


HFM/5 model- unit for filtering recovered Halon/Clean Agent


The filtration module allows to re-use the recovered and depressurized Halon / Clean Agent returning it back to the required specifications.


Capacity: 7 kg/min. Max Pressure: 31 bar. The filtration module allows to reuse the recovered and depressurized Halon/ Clean Agent returning it back to  the required specifications. It is mandatory to use this device when achieving the following phases:

 1. Just after Nitrogen separation phase (with SHN5 unit), in order to get a product complying with the specific properties required for re-using it. 
 2. Before the separation phase (SHN5 unit), when the product to be treated contains a lot of moisture.


Weight6 kg