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Frequently asked questions

How much time until I receive my machine?
In a general case our plants produce the machines within 3-5 weeks. It is very important to receive the accessories what is delivered by you (if any). If you deliver your own gascylinder or valves to the gas cylinder bundel that could be an example. Roughly additional 1 week is the transportation within Europe.
Why I should pay for the packaging?
fa keret csomagolás - gázipari gépek

fa keret csomagolás – gázipari gépek. Védelem a tűzoltókészülékek karbantartó gépeihez és gázpalack karbantartó gépekhez.

In the price of the machine we calculate only a pallett. Our experience show that if we deliver not with a dedicated truck then it is regulary necessary tp apply a wooden frame and nylon wrap.  This type of packaging protect the machines from the damages. In case of extra requirement we could apply a wooden complete box as well.

Is it possible to use my own gas cylinder for gas cylinder bundel?
If you want we could build a gas cylinde bundle from your own gas cylinder. It is important to use an european standard gas cylinder  andhave the proper paperwork.