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Gas cylinder producer stamping signs

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The importance of the gas cylinder producer stamping signs

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We would like to introduce the importance of the gas cylinder producer stamping signs. We are working on high risk / safety area. The most important is the identification of the dangerous goods and equipments. The first element of a gas cylinder is the gas cylinder producer stamping sign. The exact identification of the gas cylinder could be done with the following element:

  1. Gas cylinder producer stamping sign
  2. Production date
  3. Gas cylinder serial number

I’m glad to update the table bellow. Please send me any new information regarding to that on this link. I thank you in advance.

EXCEL gas cylinder manufacturer table with signes ver 001

Placement of the signs

We stamp the signs into the neck according to the ISO 13769 standard. You could find the producer sign under the point 2. The point 3 contains the country code of the manufacturer. The gas cylinder’s serial number could be found under the point 4.


You could find here a picture on about the Worthington gas cylinder producer stamping sign:

nyakjelolesConfirmed gas cylinder producer stamping signs

  • Aluminium Arugyar (Hungary)
  • Amtrol Alfa (Was Alfa) (Portugal)
  • Ansul (United States)
  • Cadac (South Africa)
  • Catalina Cylinder Corp (United States)
  • Catalina Cylinder Co (Cliff Impact Division) (United States)
  • CEM Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • Crown Sheet Metal (New Zealand)
  • Dye Industries (New Zealand)
  • Dyecon (New Zealand)
  • Faber (Italy)
  • Kanto Koatsu-Yoki Mfg Co Ltd (Japan)
  • Luxfer (United Kingdom United States France)
  • Manchester Tanks (United States)
  • Manchester Tanks (Formerly McMillan) (Australia)
  • Sahamitr Pressure Container Co Ltd (SMPC) (Thailand)
  • Swagelok (United States)
  • Taylor-Wharton Co (United States)
  • Taylor Wharton Co (Australia)
  • Verissimo Engineering (Was C Verissimo Engineering) (New Zealand)
  • Vitkovice Lahvarna Cylinders (Czech Republic)
  • Witte Van Moort (Netherlands)
  • Wolfedale Cylinders (Canada)
  • Worthington Cylinders GesmbH (Austria)
  • Worthington Cylinder Corporation (Canada)
  • Worthington Cylinders Czech (Czech Republic)
  • Worthington Portugal (Portugal)
  • Worthington Cylinder Corporation (United States)

Not confirmed gas cylinder producer stamping signs

  • Anchor (China)
  • Asahi Seisakusho (Japan)
  • Avesta Jernverks AB (Sweden)
  • Beijing Tianhai Industry (China)
  • Calor (United Kingdom)
  • Chart Industries (United States)
  • Chesterfield Tube Co Ltd (CTCO) (United Kingdom)
  • Chesterfield Tube Co Ltd (CTCO) (United States)
  • Chugoku Kogyo Co Ltd (Japan)
  • Coyne (United States)
  • Cylinders Inc (United States)
  • Dalmine (Italy)
  • Draeger Normalair Ltd (Germany, United Kingdom)
  • Engineering Products of Canada Ltd (Canada)
  • Eurocylinders (Germany)
  • DaeJung (Korea)
  • Deutsche Rohrenwerke AG (Germany)
  • FBT Milmet (Poland)
  • Federal Iron Works (Malaysia)
  • Filipinas Electro Industrial (Phillipines)
  • Fuji Sangyo (Japan)
  • Gaz International (France)
  • Ghezzi Fratelli (Italy)
  • Harrisburg (United States)
  • Hulett Aluminium Special Products (South Africa)
  • Hulett Cylinders (South Africa)
  • Hume Hong Leong (1982) (Singapore)
  • ICEM Merloni (Italy)
  • Industria Metalmeccanica Zane (Italy)
  • Japan Coyne (Japan)
  • Jet Gaz (France)
  • Kanto Katakura Mfg Co Ltd (Japan)
  • KCK Corporation (Japan)
  • Kinugawa (Japan)
  • Kodama Shoji (Japan)
  • Korea Coyne (Korea)
  • KSMM Co Ltd (China)
  • Lee (United States)
  • Lehavot Industries (Israel)
  • Linde Air Products Co (United States)
  • Lingjack (Singapore)
  • Linh (Thailand)
  • Mangels Industrial S.A. (Brazil)
  • Mauria Udyog (India)
  • Minnesota Valley Engineering (United States)
  • Metal Containers Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Metal Mate (Thailand)
  • Nihou Koatsu Gasu Yoki (Japan)
  • Ningbo Zhongzhou Group (China)
  • Nippon High Pressure Cylinder Co Ltd (Japan)
  • Norris Thermador Corporation (United States)
  • Piper Impact Inc (United States)
  • Pressed Steel Tank (United States)
  • Primus (Sweden)
  • Rheem (Australia)
  • Rheinische Rohrenwerke (Germany)
  • Rothmians
  • Sansen Tekko Sho (Japan)
  • S.C.T. (Thailand)
  • Shandong Huanri Group (China)
  • Shanghai Quing Pu Fire Fighting Equipment Co (China)
  • Showa Koatsu Kogyo (Japan)
  • Simmel (Italy)
  • Soda-Club Ltd (Soda Stream International) (United Kingdom)
  • Structural Composites Inc (United States)
  • Sumikin Kiko Co Ltd (Japan)
  • Sumitomo Metal Industries Shin Fuso Kou Zoku Kogyo KK Koakau Seizo Sho (Japan)
  • Svenska Tempus (Sweden)
  • Taishan City Manufacturing Co (China)
  • TPA Metal & Machinery Shen Zhen Co (China)
  • UEF Chesterfield (United Kingdom)
  • Van Leer (Belgium)
  • Walter Kidde and Co (United States)
  • Tomlinson Steel (Australia)
  • Usines Standard (Belgium)
  • The following manufacturer’s have ceased manufacture of cylinders
  • AGA (United Kingdom)
  • Antech, (New Zealand)
  • Australian Gas Car Co (Australia)
  • Bell Gas Cylinders (New Zealand)
  • British Oxygen Co (United Kingdom)
  • British Tube Mills (Australia)
  • Brunner (United States)
  • Comanor (now Amtrol Alfa) (Portugal)
  • Commonwealth Industrial Gases Ltd (Australia)
  • Companion (Australia)
  • Cryogenic Service (United States)
  • Higas (New Zealand)
  • Industrial Engineering (Australia)
  • Industrie Werke Karlsruhe Aktiengesellschaft (IWKA) (Germany)
  • Josef Heiser (Now Worthington GmbH) (Austria)
  • Mannesmann Cylinder Systems Dinslaken (Now Thyssen Krupps) (Germany)
  • Mannesmann Stalhiblechban AG (Now Thyssen Krupps) (Germany)
  • Mannesmann Rohrenwerke (Now Thyssen Krupps) (Germany)
  • Marison Company (United States)
  • McMillan (now Manchester) (Australia)
  • Optimum (New Zealand)
  • Optimus (Sweden)
  • Parker Hannifin (Now Catalina Cylinder Co Cliff Impact Division) (United States)
  • Pioneer Welding Co (Australia)
  • Pressure Container Industries (Thailand)
  • Richards (Australia)
  • SM Gerzat (Now Luxfer) (France)
  • Stewarts and Lloyds Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • Stratco (Australia)
  • Tubemakers of Australia Ltd (Australia)
  • Union Carbide (Sold to Dow Chemical Co then to Praxair) (United States)
  • United States Steel (United States)
  • Usher Industries (Australia)
  • Whitey (United States)

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