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Elephant, problem solving and the thing what is never told…

Elephant, problem solving and the thing what is never told…

If you face with a big problem then you cut it into smaller pieces- I heard it many times How we will eat an elephant?…In small bites! BUT…

It was never told how will you cut the elephant to small bites? Because you should have at least a good knife (or axe, meat cleaver, saw, chainsaw…). I realized this in Tasmania in the middle of the jungle.

Every day we travelled in the forest circa 40-70 km (one way), to harvest honey and handle the bee hives on the field. It was just a Leather wood season and the season of the big forest fires as well. This means after forest fire days we had clean the road with chainsaw from approximately 20-30 pc smaller tree what is in our way. Sometimes we should repeat the action on the same way back to the site in the afternoon. That was worked without any bigger problem in a several minutes. On one beautiful day when we believed all of the tree what have to come down to the road was cleaned, our elephant was lying ion the road just in front of us…

fallen tree

…in a form of a 100 year old Black tree

Our available knife – in this case a Husquarna chainsaw with a 55 cm long blade – seems too small. The importance of the chainsaw become less and less when it is get stuck into the tree

Failed solution
What is happening in case when we face with a huge problem what is step through on the daily routine tasks, where we have to forget about the schemes? Have we enough knowledge and experience to handle it? I’m sure everybody will try at least once with his/her tools, but maybe the chainsaw will be get stuck…

Can we use bigger tools originated from the company? Can we organize problem solving group? Can we associate other’s area specialist to overcome obstacles?

Let’s go back a little bit to our elephant. If I would not tell it I was learning at a professional beekeeper. There should be a fork beside the knife! After a not so long searching we let down our fork from the back of the truck. On the firk it was written: MOFFETT M4, 2 ton capacity offroad forklift J. It is an indispensable part of all professional bee keeping—sorry for that but I cannot stand my second smile .

 Lesson learned – we managed to sort it out, because it was inside the organizationskills and the ability and the necessary resources were made available. If there had not been our friend Moffett, then we could deal with our problems or very high energiesand threats at the price, or stay in their 40s radio frequencies where he was to call”external experts”. An organization’s life can arise naturally be situations when you need to reach outside resources. Wisdom is to discern whether or subjected to years offruitless attempts to own our bodies with.

The picture is complete when you turn on the formula for the time and the issue of economic interest as well. I believe that if we wanted to wear the Himalayas then youcould do. Is there enough time? Is there enough resources? If we want to elhordanitomorrow we will not succeed. If there is some thoussands of years you already did.

Lajos Szabó 12.02.2016, Tasmania

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Tools cuts Ui the elephant. Knife


Recommend this article Csaba Bereczki my teacher whom the elephant citation said many times, and I know that because we did not say that it gives us tools, but led all élezgette own cutting tools and new ones gained beside them

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