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Aluminium 40 liter gas cylinder 200 bar

Aluminium 40 liter/ 200 bar working pressure / 229 mm diameter / 1430 mm length / 44,32 kg weight / EU standard

Aluminium seamless high pressure gas cylinder. For minimum order qty and for volumen discounts please contact us



High pressure aluminium gas cylinder for high purity special gases and gas mixtures

Gas cylinder’s data

  • Gas cylinder material: Seamliess aluminium
  • Gas cylinder water capacity: 40 liter
  • Gas cylinder working pressure: 200 bar
  • Gas cylinder diameter: 229 mm 
  • Gas cylinder length: 1430 mm
  • Gas cylinder weight: 44,32 kg
  • Gas cylinder approval: EU norm
  • Gas cylinder thread: 25E (28,8)

Aluminium  50 liter gas cylinder 200 bar.  The gas cylinder could be used for high purity special gases and gas mixtures, bundel building or for unique usage. The gas cylinder is available to use for permanent or liquified cylinder. The gas cylinder fulfills the 2010/35/EU norms and supplied with:

  • Declaration of Conformity to the European Directive 2010/35/EU
  • Type approval

Aluminium high pressure 40 liter gas cylinder 200 bar

Options for gas cylinder 

  • Gas cylinder valves
  • Gas cylinder cap

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Weight50 kg
Dimensions22,9 × 150 cm