WJ18 27 Model – Water Jacket Hydraulic Expansion Test


WJ18/27 model – Water Jacket for cylinder up to 270 mm in diameter and 1800 mm length

The WJ18/27 waterjacket for gas cylinders with maximum 1800 mm length, and 270 mm diameter. The unit has to attach to WINJ72 volumetric expansion testing machine

Maximum service pressure: 500 bar. The WJ18/27 unit is able to contain a gas cylinder with the following maximum dimension:

  • Maximum length 1800 mm
  • Maximum diameter 270 mm

The water jacket could be connected to WINJ72 machine for cvolumetric expansion pressure testing. You could make the testing process fater if you buy two water jacket. During the testing process you could prepare the next gas cylinder for testing in another water jacket. The change is quick and simple. You could maximize the efficiency of your testing machine.


WINJ72 model – Cylinder hydraulic expansion test control unit