Pressure transmitter TPUSB.432.R0 - PWENT

Pressure transmitter TPUSB.432.R0

Pressure transmitter TPUSB.432.R0 with USB connection from 100 mbar to 2000 bar, and with free software. 

Pressure transmitters (100 mbar-2000 bar). in these series distinguish themselves for high long-term reliability of mechanical and electrical features. High vacuum thermal treatments which stainless steel is subjected to, ensure the correct functioning even when highly dynamic stresses are involved. Monolithic execution of measuring element, without any assembling via tight rings or gaskets, guarantees a high long-term stability, with negligible hysteresis and zero drift. Pressure is internally detected by a full bridge strain gauge, which assures the maintenance of performances even in presence of peaks.

Using the free supplied software you can make the configuration parameters, record in real-time graphics (DATA LOGGER), save the data and export to Excel for further analysis/. These features make them suitable for being used in several industrial fields, as:

  • pneumatic
  • hydraulic
  • food process control
  • level and refrigerating (depression) plants

They are also installed on test benches, materials testing machines, laboratories and research in general.


WinUSBTrasd : free software for the connection of the instrument to a PC complete with DATA LOGGER , graphs and export of the measured values to an EXCEL file. The software allows storage to a file (in ASCII format or Microsoft Excel) for a test. Raw data is the pair measure / time allowing to reconstruct the curve after the test. To export in Microsoft Excel is required to have Excel installed on the PC. Some simple commands allow you to perform main functions on a transducer:

  • Zero
  • Peak Mode (both pressure and vacuum)
  • Filter
  • Conversion Speed
  • The maximum transmission speed for a complete data packet is 4800 Hz.
  • You can access to the communication protocol information by clicking on the Help Button.