Get Gas Cylinder Scrapping Machine With Punch From Pwent

Gas cylinder scrapping machine (with punch)

The gas cylinder scrapping machine could punch gas cylinders wiht diameter120-300 mm. This could scrap even high pressure steel cylinders from hard metal like 34CrMo4.

PWENT-SCRAP-01 Gas cylinder scrapping machine (with punch)

Our gas cylinder scrapping machine can destruct gascylinders with diameter of 120-300 mm. We could punch the high pressure gas cylinders as well from hard material like 34CrMo4.  The gas cylinder scrapping machine prodvide a safe and easy work to our workers and cost effective quick solutions for the owner. We have an obligation to manage the scrapping at the end of the gas cylinders’ life. When the authority declare that the gas cylinder cannot stay in the service any more and it is not safe to use that in the future then could come our gas cylinder scrapping machine. The purpose of the gas cylinder punching is to prevent the future accidental (or not accidental) use of the gas cylinder. The laws allow you to manage the gas cylinder scrapping with cutting or with hole punching, Our present PWENT-SCRAP-01 gas cylinder scrapping machine do the job with hole punching.

During the destruction process a  hardened steel spike with 40 mm diameter punch a hole into the hoop of the gas cylinders  close to the bottom. With this process we avoide the future usage.  The complete process could – according to the diameter – could take 1 minut and 10-30 seconds. We work with 30 ton punching force. The gas cylinder punching machine could punch the hardest steel on this area like high pressure gas cylinders from 34CrMo4 steel.

The advantage of the gas cylinder scrapping machine

Today regularly the companies use manual rapid cutting. This means unnecessary stressful for thr operators. Take too much time and if we count with the cost of the labour and the cost of the cutting disc  we will realise this is a better solution. 1,5 minutes and the od is done after a button pressing.

The operation of the machine is safe. The operator cannot reach the dangeourous parts during the punching. At the designing, construction, approval checking of the machine we take the actual laws into consideration. We can hand over a machine what fulfill the regulartions of the safe work. We attach our certificates beside the machines.

Dimensions of the gascylinders to be scrapped

The gas cylinder scrapping machine could destroy gas cylinders with 120-300 mm diameter. We could set the fixing elements in 3 position what will manage the following diameter ranges:

  • Right position: 120-183 mm
  • Middle position: 183-253 mm
  • Left position: 253 – 300 mm

Dimensions of the gas cylinder scrapping machine, working conditions

  • Punching force: 30 ton
  • Dimensions of the machine (widht, height, depth) – 1600 x 1900 x 900 mm
  • Weight: 410 kg
  • The machine could be moved with forklift
  • Air supply: 6 bar
  • Enviroment temperature:  15-30 C˚
  • Max. humidity: 30-70 %
  • Lights: >350 lux

Gas cylinder scrapping machien video