RCP series with VMB - PWENT

RCP series with VMB

Rotating and suction chamber for gascylinder outer painting

1-6 cylinder stand painting cabin and suction chamber. RCP-VMB series is easy and safe fast painting system.  The RCP-VMB units are suitable for manually painting the external surface of cylinders or fire extinguishers previously cleaned by the RCP 270 unit or similar. With the front door open, the cylinder rotates vertically on its axis, allowing the operator to manually paint the cylinder with a roller or a brush, using ecological paint.


With the “RCP-VMB” unit, the painting procedure takes places inside a booth complete of a front door which can be closed at the end of the operations, keeping the workplace clean and orderly. Inside the RCP-VMB, the cylinders can be painted completely or partially. This is convenient mainly when only the cylinder necks need to be painted due to a test procedure or a change in the gas distinctive color.


  • Cabin frame made of painted steel
  • Aluminium external cover sheets
  • Wide-opening door
  • Internal light
  • Vertically adjustable cylinder clamp device
  • Rotating motorized cylinder holder
  • Main electrical panel with 24V. controls


  • Models for non-standard cylinders can be supplied subject to approval from our technical department
  • Models for different voltages and frequencies are available on request