RCP 270 Gas Cylinder Outside Cleaning Unit

RCP 270 – gas cylinder outside cleaning unit


The RCP units are suitable for an accurate cleaning of cylinders and fire extinguishers by removing the old paint and the plastic labels from their external surface


Cylinders stands: 1 pc. Electric power: 1 kW. Max Suction Capacity (m3/h): 2500. The machine automatically clean the cylinder with 2 or 4 wire-disc. With this method you could accurately remove the old paint and plastic labels. If the door is opened then the machine rotats the cylinder but the cleaning brushes are automatically deactivated. In this way, it is possible to manually paint the cylinders by means of a roller, using an eco-friendly paint. With the RCP unit, the whole cleaning operations take place inside a closed cabin acoustically insulated, helping to keep the workplace clean and silent. The first position of the brushes is adjustable, allowing to clean only the neck of the cylinder or the parts where the labels are located. Furthermore, a kit of accessories is available to recover the cleaning residues of paint and labels.


Weight550 kg
Dimensions1100 × 700 × 2700 cm