MK3-M80 Integrated Dot Marking Stamping Machine | PWENT

MK3-M80 stamping machine for integration

High-power, precision dot-marking for integration.  Marking window 80 x 50 mm. Metal security schutters and additional air suctions holes provide the clean air and the spare parts cleaniness. Includes control unit, cables, but not includes stylus and touch screen.

High force, precision dot marking machine for hard metal marking. Marking Window 80 x 50 mm; Metal security shutters and additional air input to ensure clean mechanical parts in particularly harsh environments; Control Box; Head-box connecting cable PVC super flexible for cable chain, with EPIC metal connectors, 3 meters length; Easy to use all over the day.

Hard metal marking

The machine is ready for easy fast hard metal marking.  The marking will be graved with the same depth and will be visible on the metal part even under a 120-200 mikron paint layer.

ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC STYLUS (compressed air 1-6 bar).

  • High stamping power for the hard metal parts
  • Visible marking under paint layers even if it is powder painted of wet painted
  • Simple usage
  • Simple programming with touch screen or pc (not part of the set)
  • Robust design
  • Secure positioning
  • Serial numbers, notified body identification, TARE weight marking and many more function


– High-force impact portable marking machine for deep marking, with electro pneumatic percussion for the marking of metals that need to undergo surface treatment like painting and sandblasting.
– Solution for high hardness metals like CrMo54.
– Programmable separate touch-screen control panel, can be connected to a PC


  • Maximum flexibility: high definition, high speed and deep marking
  • Indicated for metals, hard metals
  • Curved and flat surfaces, with no rotation of the piece
  • MARKING AREA 80 x 50 mm


  • Marking of variable text, serial numbers, date and time, logos and drawings (DXF and PLT)
  • 20 available native fonts, and true type font
  • Programmable size, style and direction of text
  • DataMatrix code marking according to NASA specifics



  • Serial PC and Ethernet connections
  • USB port for importing and exporting complete marking programs