Bahco IZO-D-340 Torque wrench - PWENT

Bahco IZO-D-340 Torque wrench


Professional electronic torque wrench with digital display but without memory 34-340 Nm force. Heavy duty for continuous use.


You will find the BAHCO IZO-D/DF and IZO-DM/DFM electronic torque wrenches spread throughout industry e.g. Automotive and support industry, Aviation and support industry and Assembly lines for any product. These products will be found everywhere, where quality has no compromise. Product design: winner 2003. The award “red dot” for high design quality,expressing innovation in form and function in an exemplary manner, is presented to: Electronic Torque Wrench IZO-D-135 The red dot design award is one of the most prestigious international design competitions. Since 1955, expert juries have made awards annually in the competition for outstanding design achievements which set new standards in the relevant product categories. The red dot has thus become one of the most highly prized and globally recognise

Long life, no moving or wearing parts,robust design, reliable and durable. The tool body is made from quality stainless steel. Two component handle, made from glass filled nylon incorporating a santoprene soft grip. The hole is designed for convenient tool storage. Perfect accuracy is guaranteed. The IZO-D/DF, -DM/DFM wrench fulfills all modern requirements such as safety and security of operation, economy, reliability and high durability. The IZO-D/DF, -DM/DFM wrench is easy toset and very comfortable to operate. The BAHCO IZO-D/DF, -DM/DFM wrenches take accuracy seriously: ± 2 %, ± 1 digit Precision Battery Quick Change The IZO-D/DF and IZO- M/DFM wrenches allow up to 100 hours of continuous operation, depending on the chosen battery’s capacity. The alkaline batteries themselves can be easily changed within a few seconds. No data will be lost during battery change.±2% 


Weight140 kg

+-4 %