Ipari park, fejlesztési terület - a legjobb Csongrádon! - PWENT

Ipari park, fejlesztési terület – a legjobb Csongrádon!

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Industrial park map plot for sale

Industrial park map, plot for sale

Information material about a development plot in Csongrád Industrial Park


At the border of Csongrád County and Bács-Kiskun county in Hungary we sell a development plot. The development area could be found at best place of Csongrád Industrial park. The area is 17 224 m2 complete with all infrastructure.

Target price: 51,6 Million HUF (166 500 EUR).

Phone number: +36 (20) 9273-719


  • We help you to buy the land ASAP. Even a company sell is possible
  • If you need to build a production hall we could help you
  • If you need a recruitment we could help you
  • All information about the local economy, employment, average salary we could provide

Data of Industrial Park

Identification: Csongrád HRSZ 2122/30
Exact size: 17224 m2
Beépíthetőség: 60%
Értékesítési irányár: 51,6 MFt (172 000 EUR)
Classification: Downtown
Owner: Pwent Trading and Servicing Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Lajos Szabó Managing Director +36 (20) 9273-719, [email protected]
Public utility: electrical supply, water, sewage, gas

Approach of the development plot from Budapest direction:

Get off from M5 highway at 114 km, Kiskunfélegyháza. You have to drive 23 km on 451 main street. Just in front of city Csongrád in the first roundabout take the 3rd exit. Drive 2 km. You will reach the industrial area.

Csongrád could be found 50 km from Kecskemét and from Szeged. Romania and Serbia could be reached within 1 hour.

Development plot, industrial park

Development plot, industrial park



Please send an email for the complete information materials to [email protected] email address.

The complete material will contains info about :

  • Industrial area description and pictures
  • Industrial area public utility data
  • Csongrád area descrioption
  • Companies info about the industrial area
  • Economy of Csongrád

If you need more data for your decision please let me know I’m at your service. I hope you will found this industrial land ideal for your plans.