High pressure gas pack catalogue 2022 - PWENT

High pressure gas pack catalogue 2022

High pressure gas pack catalogue 2022

High pressure Gas Pack Hydrogen 12x gascylinder New.

Hydrogen gas pack high-pressure with 12 pcs gascylinder

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Gas Pack for high pressure gases

We manufacture different gas packs for high pressure gas storage. Please find our new catalogue from 2022 here for Download

Number of the gas cylinders in the gas pack

You can have maximum 350 bar working pressure in the gas pack. The gases could be different. Beside the standard packs like nitrogen pack or argon pack you can have hydrogen pack or oxygen pack as well.

You can find the product group of the gas cylinder bundles here: Gas cylinder bundles

Approvals for the gas pack

Our gas pack has a double approval. On one hand you can have PED approval (Pressure Equipment Directive – 2014/68/EU) or you can have TPED (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive – 2010/35/EU). If you need we could deliver double approved gas pack with PED and TPED approval together.

The PED bundles cannot be delivered with pressure inside. It could just receive pressure in a stationary position. A good example for this usage is a buffer tank beside nitrogen generator, oxygen generator or hydrogen power generator. It could be a temporary gas storage besdie a CNG filling station.

The TPED gas bundles can be delivered with pressure inside. The classical usage of it: in the gas factories the bundles are filled then transported on field of use. After the usage of the gas

Main advantages

We are working to be able to deliver you quickly a customized solution for your needs. Among our partners you can find for example gas factory from Spain or rocket science laboratory from Sweden. We delivered bundles to university to Hungary and to France as well. Marine service provider and professional divers from United Kingdom or Netherland…

Our modular system make us able to use more outlet and more section based on your needs. For example, we delivered 16 gas cylinder pack with 4 independent section and 2 valves on each section (total 8 pcs main outlet). The main meaning was to be able to support with air 4 independent divers in his work from the same bundle structure in a safe mode.