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EL60 – Electric valving/ devalving unit

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Electrical valve mounting and demounting unit in more design 80-400 Nm

Valve mounting unit in more design. Gas bottle dia 80-320 mm, length: 400-1650 (1800) mm, torque 80-400 Nm.  There are explosion-proof and standard.The EL60-E allows to mechanically screw and unscrew the valves on CO2 extinguishers, those with taper thread valves. The standard version is suitable to do the valve mounting and demounting work with permanent and liquefied gas cylinder and the ATEX version could be used with explosive gases.  The machine’s main units are the upper and lower part. The upper part contains a gear shaft, an axle with a variable length, torque control unit and valve holding head. The lower part contains a pneumatic vice to hold the cylinder during operation and this part contains the control units. To reach the safe work state optionally we could deliver protection doors also. This unit is extremely user-friendly, it allows the operator to work in real safe conditions with no physical efforts. Moreover, it assures to achieve the correct torque control.

Available models

EL60 (MZSE001) – wall mounting without stand and protection door, with mechanic torque setting

EL60+ELBA+ELPA-HY (MZSE001-020) –  with stand (ELBA), heavy protection door  (ELPA-HY), with mechanic torque setting – we suggest to devalving stations

EL60+ELBA+ELPA (MZSE001-030) –  with stand (ELBA), stadard protection door  (ELPA), with mechanic torque setting

EL60+ELBA+ELPA-ELEC (MZSE001-024) –  with stand (ELBA), standard protection door  (ELPA), with electronic  torque steeing

EL60+ELBA+ELPA-HY-ELEC (MZSE001-025) –  with stand (ELBA), heavy protection door  (ELPA-HY), with mechanic torque setting