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Gascylinder storage and transportation box

Gas cylinder storage and transport box

We design this transport box for safe transportation and storage of gas cylinders. The users often do not handle, store and transport the gas cylinders in a proper way and it causes further problems.  The real users – hospitals, ambulances, medical institutes, dentists – have to protect the condition of the gas cylinders. In medical or special gas area we use a high value gasa cylinder and integrated pressure reducer, the damage of these means big loss for the owner and because of high pressure it could mean danger as well .

The driver could just fix the small cylinder with difficulties into a big metal gas cylinder transport pallets. Sometimes they use unique not good solutions. Our transport box solve this problem. The box is stackable and fit into the standard pallets. It is comfortable for the driver and for the end user as well. The  ADR also regulate the pressure container transportation. If you are a gas cylinder owner, user, driver we make your life easier with our gas cylinder transport box.

Property fo the gas cylinder storage and transportation box

  1. More foam variation – 2-3-4-6 gas cylinder setup according to the foam insert
  2. Stand the enviromental impacts
  3. Protect the gas cylinders from rain, snow or other direct moisture
  4. We produce the wall from a stong metal plate to keep the form without deformation in case of spanifer (strap) fixing as well.
  5. When the cost allow us we used aluminium plate for the less weight and easier portability. Self weight ~7 kg
  6. Closeable lid
  7. Stackable design.
  8. With the grip design the driver could pull the box down from the plato when he/she just stand beside the truck.
  9. You can put 10 pc of box into a standard metal gas cylinder holder pallet. Because the bottom and the lid is compatible with eachother you can stack them in 2 level that is why
  10. Holes on the bottom plate for the draining of the accidentally entered moisture.
  11. Technical xps foam material, strong cover material what is chemical resistance
  12. Plate enforcement for a stable structure

The box protect the gas cylinders during transportation. They don’t hit eachother. The box keep the gas cylinders in place. It protect the aesthetic of the gas cylinder. The paint stay longer in good condition. The better paint keep the corrosion away from the cylinder lengthten the lifetime of hte gas cylinder.

We use a technical XPS foam to the inner filling. The foam is water proofe and chemical resistance. Our cover on the foam protect against mechanical impacts. We use a bigger hole thna the cylinders diameter for the easier cylinder load.
We could produce our gas cylinder storage and transport box in unique color according to your needs.

  • Version 6 – 6 pcs 2 liter (102 mm diameter) gas cylinder with integrated pressure reducer.
  • Version 3 – 3 pcs 3 liter (117 mm diameter) gas cylinder with integrated pressure reducer.
  • Version 2 – 2 pcs 5 liter (140 mm diameter) gas cylinder with integrated pressure reducer.
  • Unique design according to your specification
Dimensions30 × 40 × 60 cm