Holex 655345 340 Digital Torque Wrench With Digital Display

Holex 655345-340 digital torque wrench

Professional electronic torque wrench with digital display 40-340 Nm force. Heavy duty for continuous use.

Electronic torque wrenches with digital display for 40-340 Nm. Robust torque wrench with impact resistant casing, 2-component handle, large display and reversible ratchet. Easy operation using large input buttons. Visual and acoustic signal indicates achievement of the set torque visually and acoustically.

Two working modes; selectable between peak value display and following display. The working memory can save up to 50 tightening events, the display can be switched between Nm – in.lb – ft.lb.

Size 12 – Captive push-through ratchet with ejector. Any desired force. Irrespective of where the wrench is held, the measurement always remains accurate.
Size 30–340 – Sturdy plug-in ratchet with change-over wheel.

Accuracy: Clockwise ± 2 %, anticlockwise ± 3 %.
Application: Torque control; controlled tightening of screws in a single operation or for small batch production.


HOLEX 65 5365 torque wrench for gas cylinder valve mounting