6x50 cylinder bundle. High pressure hot dip zinc plated


PWENT standard gas cylinders bundle (vertical) 6×50 liter

PWENT Standard 6 x 50 liter cylinder bundle 200 bar, 300 bar, 350 bar for liquified or air gases. Planned and built with a nice industrial design. Our vertical gas cylinder bundle fulfil the EU norms. Welded hot zinc plated steel structure, stainless steel manifolds with stainless steel manifold and with many other advantages. Please see the details. For unique designs and volume discounts please call us

We build our vertical gas cylinder bundle from 6 pc cylinders with 200 bar, 300 bar, 350 bar working pressure with a nice industrial design. The 6×50 cylinder bundle prices includes  frame, manifold, connectors of the cylinders to the manifold, pressure gauge (if requested), main valve. If we not declare it, then gas cylinders are not included in our offers.

Dimensions and parameters of PWENT Gas cylinder bundle

  • Height without lifting eye: 1905 +-10 mm is standard but we could build shorter as well (1000-1900 mm)
    • Height with lifting eye in: +9 mm
    • Height with lifting eye out: +55 mm
  • Width: 775 +-10 mm
  • Depth: 623 +-10 mm
  • Weight of structure: 210 kg (structure, manifold, without gas cylinders and gas)
  • Weight maximum: 1860 kg (with cylinders with gas)
  • Operating temperature: -20..+65 celsius

Detailed information on gas cylinder bundle general

Standard accessories/functions

  • HIDDEN Lifting eyes
  • Forklift pocket
  • Zinc plated metal structure
  • Stainless steel manifold
  • 1 main valve, 1 manometer
  • Laser engraved data plate with the owner data and logo.

We build the PWENT gas cylinder bundle according to the following standards:

  • For structure and design
    • Directive 2010/35/EU and Annex to the Directive 2008/68/EC – ADR/RID 2021
    • Directive 1999/36/CE – PED
    • EN ISO 10961: 2012
  • Stamp marking for gas cylinder bundle  according to EN 13769
  • Gas cylinder bundle manifold test according to EN 10961:2012
  • Welding procedures according to EN 15607
  • Gas connection material according to EN 11114
  • Gas connection form:
    • DIN 477-1
    • ISO 5145
    • Other specification is possible please contact us

Options for PWENT gas cylinder bundles

  • Available cylinder numbers: 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16, 20, 24, 30
  • Cylinder sizes: 15-50 liter with 229 mm diameter
  • Different pressure range: 200 bar, 300 bar, 350 bar
  • Sections: Up to 4 section is available  with independent pressure gauges – could be independent or separated  with valves
  • Main connection valves of the gas cylinder bundle (pc): 1-6 pc! As a standard we deliver the bundles with 1 main outlet but the variability is high!
  • Available gases: liquified or permanent please see the table bellow
  • Manifold material: Stainless steel 10 mm pig tails, 20 mm collectors
  • Gas Cylinders: New, Raw, Revamping
  • Phases: gas, or liquified with dip tube
  • Options/ accessories: Manometer, Pressure reducer, Safety back pressure valve, Personal Cover, Gas color
  • Other:
    • Dip tube on each cylinder
    • On/off valve on each cylinder
    • Gas color on all body o on neck (not obligatory according to the standard)

The PWENT gas cylinder bundles are delivered with

  • Declaration of Conformity to the design directive like European Directive 2010/35/EU and to the relevant ADR section
  • Test Certificate

The advantage of the PWENT 6×50 cylinder bundle design

Very high variability and options possibility. We make a construction where we can deliver in a short time (up to the cylinder availability or stock).


6×50 cylinder bundle used for vertical gas cylinder bundle

We could provide the 6 pcs gas cylinders for the bundle from our own gas cylinders stock. In case you would like to use your own cylinder for bundle, we could use that. It’s understood that the cylinders of your supply shall be TPED marked or reassessable according to the TPED Directive and shall be accompanied by appropriate documentation.


We could produce your bundle for many different gases. The most common gases are:

ADR groupUNNameSymbol
1AUN1002Air CompressedAir
2TCUN1005Ammonia (gas)NH3
2AUN1013Carbon DioxideCO2
1TFUN1016Carbon MonoxideCO
Gas mix . AR/CO2
Gas mix. O2/CO2
1FUN1971Methane (gas)CH4
2OUN1070Nitrous OxideN2O
1FUN1971Methane compressed CNG