THB BP- Halon Alternatives Filling, Recovery and Recycling


THB/BPmodel-Halon alternatives filling,recovery, recycling

Depending from the version, the THB units are designed to fill, recover and recycle fire extinguishing Clean Agents, both in the liquid and in the gas phase, from system cylinders into other cylinders or tanks.

Recovery efficiency: 99%.The maximum pressure is 42 bar .Gázok : FE36, Halotron, FM200, Novec1230 ,HFC227ea ,HFC125.Depending from the version,  Depending from the version, the THB units are designed to fill, recover and recycle fire extinguishing .Clean Agents, both in the liquid and in the gas phase, from system cylinders into other cylinders or tanks. Depending from the model/version, it is possible to recover the Agent + Nitrogen mixture from pressurized cylinders into cylinders of the same capacity at the same final filling pressure. It is possible to recover the product even when it has to be newly employed without separating the Nitrogen, (in case of a periodical inspection of the cylinder) or when dealing with an uncertain product. In other cases, depending from the model/version, it is possible to fill the cylinders or the fire extinguishers with the new fire extinguishing Clean Agent starting from large tank containers and then pressurizing them by Nitrogen at the required final pressure. Depending on the model/version, it is also possible to recycle the fire Agent in order to remove impurity before using it.



Weight6 kg