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Gas cylinders retest with full refurbishment

Gas cylinder water pressure testing with full refurbishment (cleaning, painting,…)

Gascylinder pressure testing and qualification with complete refurbishment package.

The service beside the official pressure testing include the following services::

  • ACCORDING AGREEMENT – we provide house to house delivery.
  • unloading the gas cylinders from truck
  • remove the valve protection from the gas cylinder
  • checking the depressurized state of the gas cylinders
  • valve unmounting
  • neck cleaning for the better visibility of the data
  • weight checking
  • inside and outside visual inspection according  to the standards
  • thread checking with gauges
  • official pressure testing and administration
  • IN CASE OF FAIL- if the gas cylinder fail on tests then we fulfill the phisical scrapping with the administration
  • OPTION FOR EXTRA COST – (if necessary – if the qualification is not possible without it) with inner shot blasting we clean the cylinder inside till the quality of SA 2,5
  • gas cylinder outer cleaning with shot blasting – rust and old paint removing. The final qulality is SA 3.0
  • neck paint  – OPTION – according to agreed package
  • gas cylinder painting (high quality powder paint with min 80 micron paint thickness)
  • gascylinder neck painting with second color (acc gas and acc. agreement)
  • customer logo or other text paint (acc. customer agreement)
  • final inner inspection before valving
  • dip tube mounting (in case of definite gases according to customer need and according to agreement)
  • gas cylinder valve mounting (new valve from customer or for extra chrge we could provide it)
  • valve eprotection mounting
  • gas cylinder protection net
  • packaging into metal pallets (customer metal pallets)
  • final administrtion and paperwork
  • loading truck
  • delivery according to separate agreement

The offered price could change accroding to the water capacity of the gas cylinder

The offered price could be differed in case of TPED (2010/35/EU) gas cylinder and the national cylinders produced before the EU standards. If it is possible then we requalify the national cylinderd according to the EU norms. With this the requlification period could be extended.