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  • Metal pallet - steel zinc plated gas cylinder transportation metal pallet for transportation of 12 pc 50 liter gas cylinder

    12C (with walking grids) Pallett type 12X50 with flap with walking grid bottom

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  • Gas cyinder metal pallett 16C with grid bottom and with flap 3D drawing

    16C (with walking grids) Pallett type 16X50 with flap with walking grid bottom

    Standard galvanized steel gas cylinder transportation paletts with ramp and with walking grid bottom. The galvanized pallet made by robot and is used to store and transport 16 pc gas cylinders with 50 liter water capacity. For a quantitative rebate and for unique design contact us!

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  • Lpg 10 kg


    Recoma technicians and operators are able to cover all customer needs. Operators are trained and certified in iron and stainless steel welding, brazing, monel welding and any other metal process.
    The internal organization is fully dedicated to ensuring the highest quality level of the Recoma Group products

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